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HYROX frankfurt 2024

Are you ready to push your limits and test your physical and mental strength? Discover our online HYROX programs, designed to challenge, inspire, and motivate you throughout 20 weeks of intensive (online) training under the guidance of experienced and certified HYROX and TrainingPeaks coaches.

Hyrox is the ultimate challenge for fitness enthusiasts who want to test their strength, endurance, and speed. The competition consists of a combination of running and functional fitness exercises. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner, Hyrox offers a unique and intense experience that will push your physical and mental limits. With this program, we will work together towards Hyrox Frankfurt in december 2024, so you can stand at the start with confidence and determination to achieve your goal, either alone or with a buddy.

PlayX Performance Training is official partner & and has certified coaches.

Personalized trainingsplan

Our experienced coaches create a customized training plan that matches your current level and goals. We focus on the specific skills and strength needed for Hyrox, ensuring you are optimally prepared at the start. We begin by determining your starting position through a comprehensive intake and remote fitness tests.

Based on these results, we plan your training in 4-week periods. Through our app, you can easily access your training plan and simply follow the instructions provided.

Personalized nutrition advice

Performance is not only achieved in the gym but also in the kitchen. Our program offers comprehensive nutrition plans tailored to your individual needs, to optimize your energy levels and recovery.

This ensures that you get a diverse nutrition plan that supports your training schedule and daily activities. No complicated recipes, just simple dishes that fit into your life and your sport.

Support and trainingsmaterial

Every 4 weeks, you have a call with your coach to discuss your training results. We do this using your Performance Chart. We can track your physical performance via the app, and you should also have rated each training session. This feedback is included in the overall evaluation and preparation for the new training phase. We monitor your progress and work with you to adjust and improve your plan. Our coaches are certified to guide people remotely and are experts in reading, interpreting, and practically translating training data.

Hyrox is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Our coaches provide support and strategies to mentally prepare you and keep you motivated throughout your training.

Periodized training plan, nutritional advice, and comprehensive training data.

Fill out the form on the right, and we will contact you to schedule a free consultation call. During this call, we will explain our approach, show you training documentation, examples, and our systems, and discuss your personal goals.